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Dedicated to more sensible and satisfying concepts in physics and going beyond math to cause and effect.

Did you ever notice that lectures on gravity so often rush to the mathematics of the so called "attraction", F = G m1m2 /r2 (or the like), but seem to avoid asking or addressing a question much more important to many people? How can two separated masses (seemingly without anything significant around them or between them) be "pulled" or pushed together anyway? At this Web site, we take a more sensitive and satisfying approach (if our answers can't convince you, we won't confuse you or divert you.) My ideas may even give you a big laugh!

I have established this Web site because I'm like thousands of others. We are seeking a more satisfying and comprehensible understanding of the physical world than we have been able to get through existing "doctrine." Many of us have our own views and theories, well worth considering.

Throughout this Website, the readers are encouraged to investigate any statements and draw their own conclusions.

My Articles Other Websites to Visit

Particle Mass Ratios and Similar Geometric Volume Ratios
Covers, less formally, an article by me in J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci., Vol. 35, No. 3, pp.579-580 and adds some particles and speculations.

Booklet of large & small Spheres in Patterns, and large & small Mass Particles
An easy picture booklet, 20 pgs, and a quick video tour of the book -- featuring moving arrow, voice and pictures.
(Note, Staples, some UPS stores, etc., convert loose pages, disk, or e-mail attachments to a nice, cheap booklet with staples in middle.) Also, includes an audio tour of the book.

What We See and What We Don't See
To me, a "force field" is a "farce field"....

Nuclear Fusion Mass Lost, Crevices between Nucleons, and an Improved Method of Calculating Binding Energies
Shows how crevices between nucleons increase flow speed and thus Venturi suction (attraction) arises.  Shows that Sears & Zemansky's textbook calculations of binding energy is superior and expands on it.  Article explains a lot ....

When and why a Mass can increase when gaining absolute Velocity or can decrease when gaining absolute Velocity
A small subtlety with big implication…

The Mystery of "Feeling"
(A Philosophical Essay)

The Photon Particle Exists!, but "Aether" Does the Big Jobs
Discusses "light", "elementary
particles", "aether", "Einstein".

A Simplified Approach to Metal Tensile Strength Using Concepts of Guericke and Venturi
A new approach to the subject adds insight, and simplifies it.

Problems the Greeks Addressed, and most Modern Scientists Avoid
Includes a few well deserved words and opinions about Greek thinkers and cities, besides Socrates and Athens, and also about related issues.

Elementary Human Concepts and their Manifestations in Nature
With "pictorial" illustrations....

The World’s exclusive Nuclear-armed Club has Not brought real Peace – rather gross corruption instead.
There goes my political opinions again ...!

Brief History of the World
...and of World War 2

Part 1 and Part 2 and (some of Part 3A devoted to WW2) now done.

Repair of some Shoes that wear out unevenly, or having Soles that overly compress to one side
Ligaments stretch, and pain….

A few rare types of "Hydrocele" and "Blepharitis", and my thoughts on these health disorders
Hopefully NOT relevant to most people

Political Philosophy, Political Science, Politics, My Opinions
Please don't judge all my science articles by this one, but there are somethings you don't hear on TV....
A science hobby group focused on its members and the general science public, like the old NPA
I think this site is a more peer-reviewed and rule-oriented version of the old NPA site.


The Natural Philosophy Alliance’s original Home Page, roughly. (Old links on it are now obsolete)  See newest NPA Home Page, instead!
Helpful, but sadly, I think some articles in it have been written or rewritten by reactionaries.

Websites with Dictionary and interesting Quotations, respectively.
A fine, on-line ENCYCLOPEDIA. Enter a word or phrase in their box, and click, 'answers'.
Lots of great old (vinyl) RECORDS
you can likely DOWNLOAD FREE
An on-line DICTIONARY with sound!
Deciphers ABBREVIATIONS and acronyms; and still more listings are found under "occupations" likely to use it.
Much in Western Civilization boldly challenged, and other articles; Not for the timid, sensitive, or faint-of-heart.
Dr. Van Flandern addresses gravity and other issues, interesting to people at all levels.

John Kierein covers a lot, and offers "clickable" reading list including "Gravity 1960 Russian Paper", which has an interesting history of man's search for a cause of gravity.
(Was lost in the Internet wilderness-has been found.)  Many interesting articles.

A 'historical' English Opera.  After clicking above link, go to Song "No. 9" or "No. 18" or etc., and click again.  Then click the speaker icon near top of display.
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