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The world’s exclusive Nuclear-armed Club has Not brought real Peace - - rather gross Corruption Instead  

by Carl R. Littmann, 1-20-2011

Abstract:  There was a time when I thought that  a small number of nuclear-armed nations, such as dominate the U.N. Security Council, (and perhaps a few others), could promote real peace and progress.  But it has been especially clear for some time that such ‘Nuclear-armed Club’ has not, and can not, promote real peace and progress!  Not any more than the so-called giant monopolistic powerful ‘Robber Barons’ of the 19th Century brought real peace and progress. Not anymore than the 2008-2009 powerful bailed-out (so-called ‘too big to fail’) AIG and etc. firms can.  Nor can the lobbyists of the several corporate allies of those ‘bailed-out’ firms - whose financial interests were closely entangled with them - promote the general good.

Instead, quite the contrary is promoted -- despite all the obfuscation, stilted news reporting, contrived glib rationalizations, cover-ups, censored partial news, intimidation, force and violence, and broken political commitments.  More examples and details are given below:

Actually History & Description:  Unfortunately, due to (in my opinion) the reckless, out of control greed by a U.N. Council Member, namely Bush and Bush’s invasion of Iraq and the continued sad conduct after him; decent hopes have been permanently destroyed.  Although I might assert that, “It could have been so different had voters removed Bush; and, instead, Kerry, Obama and certain U.S. ‘Allies’ made prompt and serious corrective changes”none of that happened, and so that is now merely ‘academic’. 

Although Obama said during the Democratic primaries and his presidential campaign that he was running to “end the war in Iraq and bring our troops home in 16 months; he did quite the contrary!  And thus Obama has had the “Audacity to Destroy Hope!”  Thus, although in about 16 months, he did transfer some of his Iraq troops to his escalated war in Afghanistan; he still violated his Iraq ’16-months-withdrawal’ commitment.  So, his continued imperialistic greed and bad example helped encourage, in that 16 months, “the worst oil leak-gusher in U.S. history”, instead!   And a lot of further dominating growth by many of the worst and ‘bailed-out’ giants of ‘Wall Street’.

The ultra prolonged Iraq occupation was also sadly and ‘discretely’ encouraged by some affluent U.S. ‘Allies’ abroad; and more overtly supported by many affluent supporters of ‘our’ presidents and politicians ‘at home’.  While it is understandable that if Iraq was really trying to develop nuclear weapons during Bush’s first presidential term; a limited ‘surgical’ operation would have been tempting; yet the false charges, attack, and greedy super-long occupation that followed were acts that will ‘live in infamy’!  And have destroyed the credibility of those who previously could have otherwise enjoyed a significant degree of creditability. 

So, in effect, what happened instead (as one Security Council member remarked) was that the world witnessed that ‘innocent’ nations are attacked and long-occupied because they didn’t have nuclear deterrents, not because they had them or were seriously developing them.  Not surprisingly, what that attacked nation really possessed, instead -- was tempting and hard-to-resist great oil and energy resources! 

In summary, that is a permanent disaster for attackers’ creditability; and the Bush-launch war against Iraq is an attack that “Will Live in INFAMY!”  And that also includes those responsible for what followed:  the greedy ultra-long occupation, the cooperative puppet-installed regime, the vindictive extreme ‘pitiless judicial murders’ of leaders who told the crucial truth about their not having the ‘weapons-of-mass-destruction’, and too much more tragedy too list!  (And that wasn’t ‘caused’ by ‘Wiki-leaks’ releasing some ‘live film’ showing some of that tragedy – films, whose showing, was previously denied to victims’ families by U.S. presidents!  That needs to be said to so many politicians who so insincerely pretend to be ‘pro-education’!)

In my view, both (Republican) Teddy Roosevelt and (Democrat) Franklin Roosevelt knew that you don’t improve or cure the general publics’ economic problems by increasing the relative power of so-called ‘too big to fail’ monopolistic mega-corporations.  And Eisenhower, and several other pro-public presidents and U.S. leaders before him, warned against the out-of-control growth of powerful monopolistic corporations with great financial and militaristic interests.  One important U.S. Senator even recently said, “And the Banks ...... are still the most powerful lobby on Capital Hill ... and they frankly own the place!”  (That development was the nightmare feared by Benjamin Franklin and others who warned, “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.”) 

In my opinion, unfortunately, most voters favor candidates with relatively ‘youthful -looking good appearance’, ‘cool’ mannerisms and slick dress, with good, smooth acting abilities, and with slickly advocated paradigms - without a deep analysis of where the candidate’s sympathies, loyalties and trust really lie.  And, I’m afraid that, in many cases, voters just desire to share in the (hopefully) coming great amounts of stolen and ‘ripped-off’ loot, taken by force, military intimidation, or ‘destabilization’.  And often also brought about by the dirty, tricky, and phony inducement of so-called ‘free trade’ (a farce), and similar manipulations!

While it is tempting to monopolistically limit the small, nuclear-armed ‘club’ to only those with whom one has never had a really great disagreement; yet, for many years now, that has only led to the reality of the adage: “Power corrupts, and Absolute power corrupts absolutely”!  That includes the narrow-minded mentality of, “hang or ‘neutralize’ foreign leaders that you don’t like, but give your own leaders a free-junket ‘pardon for all their crimes known and unknown’!”

Carl R. Littmann

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