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Booklet of large & small Spheres in Patterns, and large & small Mass Particles

by Carl R. Littmann

An easy picture booklet, 20 pages
(Note: Staples, some UPS stores, etc., convert PDF pages to a nice, cheap paper booklet.)

AudioAn Audio-Video Tour of Booklet, featuring moving arrow, voice and pictures.

Interestingly, at least 3 Nobel Laureates, all 'Quark' experts, bemoaned not understanding why the various particles in physics have the particular masses they do.  My links largely rectify that. (Note:  where the old term, 'Hyperon', is used, the newer term, 'Baryon', is preferred.)

PDFThe Full Book

Individual pages:

Page 1:  Title and Proton Pattern 1

PDFPage 2:  Proton Pattern 2 (an alternative, see 2nd alternative on Pg.20B, below)

PDFPage 3   Three Ways to make Kaon

PDFPage 4:  Two Ways to make a Sphere used for Proton

PDFPage 5:  Three Ways to make a Pion ((see Pg.20C for (Ω−) 'Baryon' Dwg., too)) 

PDFPage 6:  Muon Particle

PDFPage 7:  Lambda Hyperon0), also see Pg.11 for other Lambda baryons, (Λ+c), (Λ0b).

PDFPage 8   Large mass Sigma Hyperon)

PDFPage 9:  Sigma Resonance (Σ*+)

PDFPage 10: Smallest mass Xi Hyperon (Ξ0), (one pattern method)

PDFPage 11: The Lambda baryons, (Λ+c), (Λ0b), also, 2nd way to est. Ξcc++, 1st way - pg. 20A.

PDFPage 12: Largest mass Xi Hyperon)

PDFPage 13: Xi Resonance*0)

PDFPage 14: Read all other pages first; --Continues discourse, and covers0c), (Ωb).

PDFPage 15: the Higgs Particle 

PDFPage 16: Relating the Eta Prime Meson, Eta Meson, and Tauon (η′), (η), (τ) see Pg.20D, too 

PDFPage 17: Smallest mass Sigma Hyperon and alternate Eta Meson Pattern (Σ+), (η)

PDFPage 18: Charged & Neutral D Meson, and Strange D Meson (D+), (D0), (Ds+) see Pg.20D, too

PDFPage 19: B Meson family of particles (B+), (B0), (Bs0), (Bc+)

PDFPage 20: Optional Discussion

PDFPage 20A: (Opt'1) Way to est. ‘Xi double Charm Baryon’ (Ξcc++), See Pg.11 for 2nd way.

PDFPage 20B: (Opt'1) Another Way to Estimate the Proton's Mass

PDFPage 20C: (Opt’l) Other Ways to Estimate the Omega Baryon (Ω−) mass

PDFPage 20D: (Opt’l) Other Ways to Est. Tauon (τ) & strange D meson (Ds+) & charged D meson (D+) masses

PDFPage 20E: (Opt’l) Ways to Est. the large (W+), (W--), and (Z0) boson masses
Carl R. Littmann

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