Illustration for:
" What We See and What We Don't See"

Perhaps, a pattern of aether particles sometimes develops
Average spacings (approx.) between aether "Particles"
Sae = 1.4 x 10-15 meter

spinning PROTON mass
denoted "Mproton" or "Mglob".
(The pressure produced by the spinning
proton is approximately 1033 newt/meter2
.The proton's pressure is balanced by the aether "space" pressure, also 1033 newt/meter2, approx.)
  Aether "Particle" with mass "mae" = 2.8 x 10-65 kgm (approx.), shown moving at ultra high velocity "vae" = 8.8 x 1026 meter/sec. (approx.)


A Proton of mass "Mproton" is shown in "space" spinning. Numerous aether "Particles" are also shown in "space", and the average aether "particle" mass is denoted "mae" (about 2.8 x 10-65kgm). .The average spacing between aether particles is denoted "Sae". Another aether particle is shown "splashing" into larger proton. (Sometimes we will use "Mglob" for "Mproton") Actual particle shapes likely differ from the shapes drawn above. (The above attempts to sketch, in two dimensions, a three dimensional reality.)

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